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Our Services

We provide our clients with a quality service, tailored to meet the needs of each individual case.

Schools can seek confidential advice and guidance from an experienced consultant about the following issues:

School Admissions

A consultant will address your specific query and give advise which is based on years experience working within a local authority school admissions department. Any advice will always be given with consideration of the relevant legal framework.

Presenting Officer for School Admission Appeals

Does a senior member of staff take time away from school to present the case for your school at admission appeal hearings?

We offer a service that will benefit your school by allowing senior staff to remain in school whilst a professional, skilled and experienced presenting officer will present the case on behalf of your school.

With rates that are very competitive, you will soon find that valuable school funds and precious teacher time are saved by getting us on board.

We will write the statement of case and act as presenting officer on the day the hearing. This will involve working with youbeforehand by initially visiting the school, meeting with key staff and gathering relevant information. All this will be done in the strictest confidence.

With years of experience as presenting officer, the strongest case possible will be made on the school's behalf. For free, no obligation chat phone 07725 702770.

Clerk for School Admission Appeals

Do you buy into expensive appeals packages that charge solicitors rates for the Clerk to the panel?

We offer a service to work with schools to facilitate in setting up and running their own school admission appeals. Our service ensures all aspects are kept within the specified legal framework of the current school admissions and appeals codes.

We will assist in the admissions authority's appointment of independent appeal panel members and carry out their training, therefore ensuring the panel is truly independent of the school.

The Clerks duties will include letters to appellants before the appeal; copying and distributing all relevant paperwork in advance of the hearing; taking notes and giving legal advice to all parties at the appeal hearing; and informing the appellants of the independent appeal panel's decision by letter.

Our Clerking services are effective and efficient, mindful of the law and great value for money.

This service will be of interest to foundation and voluntary aided schools and academies, and of particular interest to newly converted academies.

For free, no obligation chat phone 07725 702770.

Fixed term and permanent exclusions from schools

Whether you are considering making an exclusion or have already made one, you can contact us for independent, objective and confidential advice about the individual case and any legal issues.

Teenage pregnancy

With many year experience of working with schools and families in the area of teenage pregnancies our consultant is in an excellent position to advise on how to help motivate a teenage pregnant schoolgirl succeed in their education whilst going through their pregnancy.

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